My Services

Classic Cosultation and Coaching

First appt: $150 for 1.5 hours

Subsequent visits: $100/hour virtual or in person

For each 4 sessions pre-purchased I offer one free hour used separately or broken up.

Classic Consultation and Coaching including the Violet Ray 

First appt; $150 for 1.5 hours

Subsequent visits: $100 hour in person only

This session includes a 10 minute session using the Violet Ray. 

Violet Ray only - in person

First appt: $100 for 60 minute consultation including 2 violet ray sessions.

$50 for 20 minutes - 10 minutes of violet ray with 10 minute check in. 

What does a Consultation session look like?

Classic Coaching and Consultation starts with a comprehensive look at your goals, mindset, habits, and state of health. This is accomplished by filling out a client form prior and forwarding any lab work you'de like me to see. Then, at the time of your appointment we go over these forms, make a plan forward if applicable and start to dig deep into applicable issues. If you choose to continue consulting with me we can tweak your plan along the way as we collect data. I do not "fix" you, I guide you as you discover the deeper meaning of your symptoms or seeming roadblocks, apply practical application of principles and lifestyle changes while always addressing emotions and state of mind. I follow up each appointment with session notes of the way forward including instructions, websites, or product recommendations. 

Incorporating the Violet Ray can be very exciting! This is seemingly a miracle device. Everyone can benefit from energy medicine, if only to recharge the body with important electrons. Any aches, injuries, dis-ease or illness can at least be addressed and usually totally alleviated or used as a brilliant adjunct to coaching. Health recovery needs to be addressed from many angles. Combining energy medicine with lifestyle changes, diet considerations and mind-body nutrition coaching is a winning combination. Giving the body the raw materials for optimal performance is essential.


What raw materials are needed? Our physical bodies need pure water, nutrition from food and targeted supplements since our soil is practically sterile. Our electrical bodies need natural frequencies for proper function and healing. We are bombarded by manmade electrical fields which program our energy field in an unnatural way. We need to combat that and Tesla's Violet Ray is an excellent tool. If you become a free member of this website another page will become available when it becomes live where you can read testimonials and see videos of real clients being treated to see this in action. You can also see my own testimonial on my YouTube channel. I will also be using this members only page to post other exclusive videos in the future.