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Tesla's Violet Ray Frequency Generator

While the study of electricity goes back a couple hundred years it was Nikola Tesla who made alternating current standard in the late 1800's. It's interesting to note that by 1890 five medical schools in New York were teaching classes on electricity. Tesla observed that high frequency current had positive effects on health. He found that he could pass intense high frequency currents through his body alleviating pain and eliciting deep rest. In 1891 he gave a highly publicized lecture on electrical therapeutic devices. In 1892 he met with Paul Oudin in Paris to discuss therapeutic high frequency ocsillators. Months later Oudin produced the first device later called the "violet ray". The device was considered in many cases to be a miracle; treating quickly and easily rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions, pain and issues with the limbs such as carpal tunnel.

The term "violet ray" occured for the first time in a dental journal in 1913. By 1916 inexpensive units were being manufactured by at least 12 companies and sold in drug stores. Hundreds of thousands were sold with few reported problems. When they became popular, the FDA started to despise them, put out negative press and threatened legal action to the companies producing them. By 1929 the Great Depression put the companies out of business which made the attack of the FDA no longer necessary.

High frequency treatment is a simple method of stimulating blood circulation by the local application of an electric current at low amperage and high frequency. The Tesla frequency generator greatly increases the oscillations of standard electricity while reducing the intensity. There is no risk of shock to the nervous system while the regenerative forces that allow for new red blood cells are stimulated and the oxygen carrying capacity is increased. The currents can be applied anywhere on and in the body safely without pain, muscular contraction or discomfort. Nerves and muscles cannot recognize the presence of such high frequencies which results in bypassing any discomfort as tissues are being invigorated.

High frequencies benefit ALL living matter reaching where nothing else can, penetrating every cell, tissue and organ. They have a strong power over infection and is an almost certain method to relieve pain producing a sort of cellular massage. They build up the strength of nutrition and improve overall health. Used in a healthy young body there is immense benefits, rarely seen in the unwell or aged. The young body immediately responds with more vitality.

Through a beautiful hand blown glass applicator, light, heat, ozone and electrical energy are produced. The output current, which is controlled by the turn of a knob, is applied in one of 3 ways. Within a wand, one of the variety of electrodes is used to make direct contact with the skin resulting in practically no electric current felt. Applied over clothing it elicits a flow of small sparks producing a slight tingling sensation that some prefer. Lastly, also effective is holding the saturator electrode while another person massages an affected area and this method is a great adjunct to professional massage therapy. All methods produce a warm soothing effect with rapid relief.


The high frequency currents produced in the electrodes within a properly functional device cannot exceed safe levels of operation because of the built in safety features. However, the device is contraindicated with pacemaker users. Further, there is no environmental danger as long as the device is not operated in a flammable or very humid atmosphere.

Working with pain

Pain is usually the result of poor blood circulation causing congestion in tissues. But the area where pain is felt often is not the origin of it. Treating areas of pain will bring immediate relief and sometimes be all that is needed to illicit a healing response. Yet, lasting benefits usually come from locating the origin by treating above and below the pain using various unique electrodes.

Conditions successfully treated

There seems to be no limit to the possibilities of healing certain ailments with energy medicine since we are designed to be in harmony with it, therefore, it is an essential part of health. Keeping in mind that "disease" is simply a lack of "ease" in the body in which modern man has chosen labels based on how that lack of ease manifests, here is a short list of conditions that have been successfully overcome:

Cancer, sciatica, rheumatism, strengthening muscles and nerves, arthritis, muscle strain, sprains, bruises, congestion or anemia of the brain, epilepsy, facial neuralgia, headaches, Insomnia, paralysis, spasms, boils, mouth/gum infections, goiter, gastric ulcer, indigestion, constipation, jaundice, gout, obesity, asthma, bronchial infections, hay fever, arteriosclerosis, heart ailments, varicose veins, kidney stones, nephritis, alopecia, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, herpes, psoriasis, wounds, conjunctivitis, eye conditions, grey or falling hair, warts, skin revitalization and smoothing,

With all this said, reaching homeostasis in the body is a daily consideration and is informed by the choices we make. High Frequency medicine is merely one important tool that can do wonders, but without a supporting lifestyle it wont yield the best results possible. This is where working with a Holistic Health Consultant may be the difference between success and failure.

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