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Safe Deodorant Alternative!

Updated: Mar 18

Best deodorant EVA! - Look, I know we all think about this. And it’s annoying. Nobody wants to smell offensive. I have honestly not had to think about this most of my life. I thought deodorants worked just fine. Until they didn’t. Ahhhhh, it was THEN I realized I had been using them without even really NEEDING to which is why they seemed to work. Small yet important detail! I just got into the habit because it was a rite of passage as a teen not because I was trying to cover up some stank.

Yet, my body had changed somewhere along the way and I now understood the severity of the situation! Yikes, I needed to find a solution to this. I knew by then that anti-perspirants weren’t the way to go due to their blocking of the sweat glands (who wants that, kinda an obvious no-no). I didn’t even sweat that much anyway. However, now I was on a quest for the perfect deodorant. And when I’m on a search, I usually find…no matter how long it takes.

I tried everything. First I went mainstream and tried the heavily scented-godknowswhatsinthere stuff. Yuck and didn’t work anyway. Then as I was going more and more “natural” with my habits I tried the stuff with no weird ingredients. Better, actually. By the way, that crystal rock stuff? Um, no. Big waste. And what a pain.

I was a tad discouraged but settled on a particular scent I liked by Alba Botanicals. It was the best so far.

BUT THEN it hit me one day! Ahhhhhhh, I have an idea! Here’s the reasoning behind it first on how I thought of this.

I had been learning from Anne Marie Gianni (who has a FANTASTIC skin care line at annemariegianni.com) about the skin mantle we have and how soap strips that, making the skin more vulnerable to aging and infections even. I had learned that our skin is supposed to be acidic and soap alkalizes it which strips the acidic mantle off.

Well, first off, that made me think twice about using soap every single day on every inch of my skin. I no longer did that (and really, how dirty can your legs and arms get on a typical day anyway?) But clearly there are certain parts of you that could benefit from a daily lather, eh? This led me to realize that my pits were no longer acidic and I knew that acid can kill bacteria. I also knew that the funk is due to micro organisms growing ON the skin not that the sweat itself was funky. So, hmmmm, I wonder if I restored the acidic barrier after my shower it would provide a good preventative?

What could I put on these precious pits to reach that aim? I need a safe acid. Apple Cider vinegar crossed my mind. But, no, definitely don’t want to smell like vinegar! Acid……hmmmm….gasp! I think I’ve got it! Citric Acid!!!! Its colorless and has no scent!

So off to my local health food store I went! I knew I had seen some of that in the bulk herb section. I bought a small amount to test. It was a powder so I’d have to mix it with some water to apply. I decided to make it super easy and bring the bag in the shower and dab onto my damp pits.

It went on quite nicely! With my damp fingers the white stuff stuck and then I just rubbed it on. Now the test. First day seemed to work fine. However, I don’t have this issue everyday so I continued to test it out after my showers. Well, By George, it worked!! Why in the world hasn’t anyone thought of this?

The ultimate test was of course on a man. A hard workin one. Hmmm, ah, I know who…my son! He was super picky and according to his wife could really get his stank on use a good product. He was game to try (surprisingly) and reported that it did in fact do the trick! The only issue was it was rather easy to sweat off and would need to be reapplied, which I personally never had a problem with. So that was good feedback. He also said that obviously putting it in a spray bottle would be better.

My plan is to use this as a base for a formulation that I will market. I have some ideas for other ingredients to make this more user friendly and am going to get going on it. But in the meantime, give this a try!

Teri Lynn

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