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Updated: Mar 18

Tenacity - After 3 years of heavy (albeit not always consistent) training I finally broke through my dead lift plateau of 2 years with a new PR. I developed a love/hate relationship with this, my favorite lift, and needed an occasional “separation” to manage my feelings that this bar was defeating me, holding me back. How dare it! Ohhh, this was a test of my tenacity.

When I came back this round it felt different, *I* was different. As I added the little plates that took me #5 over my prior PR I felt nervous. Who do I think I am? I’d tried this before, only a couple times, and every time I couldn’t even budge it. My brain always said “NO, you’re not ready”. I had the strength but not the readiness. And today was not even special in any way, I told myself. I’d even been dealing with horrible fatigue. But there I was, staring at a bar from 5 feet away that offered me nothing but disappointment in the past, in an almost empty gym on a Sunday evening.

Suddenly, I felt a rush of victory wash over me. I tried to ignore it so as not to be crushed if I failed. I closed my eyes for what seemed like an eternity to set my intention. That bar was going to come off the floor no matter how sloppy it looked. Opening my eyes there was no hesitation as I quickly approached the bar, clearly on a mission, and without my usual “set up” routine. The outcome WAS going to be different so my approach NEEDED to be different. I had told myself I knew the routine well, the stance, grip, and maneuver. There wasn’t a need to put any mental effort into that….in essence, lose my comfort zone of cerebral dominance. I heard my trainer, Charles Staley, in my head “don’t over think it, don’t give it that much respect”. I heeded. Therefore, I don’t remember even gripping the bar or planting my shoeless feet, but I remember feeling every vertebrae on the way up & how the load felt. Oh ya, it was heavy. But my body knew it had to obey. As I glanced at my reddened face in the mirror standing up straight with the now helpless bar at my command I accepted the victory and even saw a little spark in my eye, 1 that I waited a long time to see. It’s the seemingly insignificant things in life that really aren’t so insignificant that keep you going.

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