LiveTru Podcasts

#1 Dr. Val and I discuss medical tyranny
Join me with Dr. Val as we discuss today's climate of medical tyranny and what you can do proactively to avoid the hospital in regards to lung related symptoms on the rise today.
The list we discuss can be found here. Two more valuable documents are here and here.

#2 Caroline, the Empowerment Coach. Standing in your truth without reservation.
Would you like to know what a 45 year veteran of Empowerment coaching thinks? We focus in on how to step into your higher self and what it takes to propel yourself forward to keep reaching for your potential. She can be reached at:

#3 Priscilla - What is a Patient Advocate and why should we have one? 
Meet Priscilla who started a patient advocacy group early 2020 not realizing what she would be up against in the coming years! Patient advocacy is becoming very popular due to the increasing complexity and danger within allopathic care. Learn what you can do to protect yourself! Her group can be reached at:

#4 Maggie on Patient Advocacy and how it could save your life.
Part 2 of what a patient advocate is! Meet Maggie, a former critical care nurse of 22 years, expert witness for administrative and civil law in medical malpractice cases and former investigator for the board of nursing. Her group is at: and email is Maggie herself can be reached at 512-766-8945. The other website mentioned is:

#5 Food Forests - All the rage! How to grow food effortlessly in your backyard using permaculture techniques.
Learn how to have an almost self sustaining food factory in your own backyard! Who has time for a garden? Permaculture is the way forward as we navigate our busy lives, lack of nutrition in commercially grown produce and rising costs of practically everything. This concept makes so much sense it's silly we are not all doing it!

#6 Dr. Val and I discuss the most important nutraceuticals.
Join me for another interview with Dr. Val for round one of supplement staple must haves. The list we discuss can be found in the show notes of Podcast #1. What are the MOST important supplements to use on a regular basis? How does throwing up indicate you are deficient? Find out!