Butterfly pupae

Be a Butterfly


Growth - development from a lower or simpler to a higher or more complex form. Full development; maturity.


Stagnancy - lack of development, advancement or proggressive movement.


Have you ever seen people talk about a child who lacks the ability (or seemingly so) to progress? Maybe they are stuck in a certain age mind group mentality or intellect. It's always a sad and disappointing situation. And rightly so! It's a natural progression to go from infancy to adulthood with all it's interesting growth markers in between. We enjoy these steps as observers because we know it signals development. Additionally, children are great models because they enjoy the progression of development, even wanting as many eyes on them as possible to share the joys of their journey. One thing is sure, humans love progression.  


Yet, what can we learn about setbacks, an inevitable part of growth, from children? Doesn't a child naturally get up when it falls down? Unless they truly get very hurt or sense the fear of onlookers they will simply wipe themselves off and try again. Suppose after falling down the young one continued to lay there, feeling disgruntled, overwhelmed with self loathing. Maybe they say "Oh, forget it!  I'm just gonna lay here! It's easier, I'm no good anyway. It's just not worth it." Ridiculous, right?


Most of us reach adulthood and the growth either stops or slows down immensely. Why is this? Do we feel we've "arrived" because we are no longer physically growing or we have reached a certain age? Know all there is to know? Perhaps fear paralyzes us. It's so unfortunate because our brain is capable of so much more than we could ever have time to challenge it with. It is at the ready, waiting for our commands to become a more complex form. Yet, it is an underappreciated gem.  


For intentional growth to happen the first step is to recognize a need or a want. Next, we need to set our firm intention to fullfill our desire. Now it's time to clearly define our goal and set a flexible plan to achieve it. Lastly, we don't look back or worry about the inevitable falls and roadblocks.  


Let's not fear falling down. Let's welcome the challenges that are inevitable for the reward of positive change because:

   "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly".