LivTru Helth & Wellness Owner TeriLynn

Holistic Health Coaches bridges the gap between a patient and their doctor.  Statistics show that typical MD's are 17 years behind established research. Why? The demands on their time are immense. There is no way they can possibly keep up with their busy clinical practice and be up to date on lots of emerging information. A *skilled* Health coach is on the cutting edge of new research, putting the time into new developments that overwhelmed doctors cannot. They put into simple terms what your health practitioner cannot, due to time constraints or lack of training.



















 As a health strategy coach I am also adept at building a flexible plan for success, instead of just telling you to reduce stress or lose weight. Better health can be had through physical activity, diet changes, lifestyle tweaks and identifying pertinent mind-body connections. A good coach has made some sense of the influx of conflicting health information available these days so as to accomplish those aims.   


As an Eating Psychology Coach I don't see your eating challenges as a sign that something is wrong with you but as a place of exploration into areas such as work, money, relationships, family, intimacy, life stress and more! Often our eating challenges are connected to other areas of our life and by working on the places that are most relevant for you, success is more likley. I look to support you with coaching strategies and nutritional principles that are nourishing, doable, sustainable and that yield results. I offer a safe space for this without judgement of your path. I have a phlethora of resources and I celebrate accomplishments!  


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