You are a snowflake


We are all different, genetically, emotionally, situationally, preferentially! It matters. My journey is not your journey. My experience is not your experience. With that said, there are certain diet parameters that are common sense and others that may not be so obvious but are, nevertheless, wise. Through new science or this apparent global surge of awareness we are learning so much! It's obvious to me that dogmatism is not the answer. Good sense, smart experimentation, a questioning attitude and support is. That's what you will find here.


For far too long we've been inundated with negative messages about food or weight. We've been told that we are willpower weaklings or that we need more control. The majority of nutrition "experts" promote conflicting advice. The result is people are confused about what to eat and how to have a happy relationship with food. Let's start simple with this thought:


"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" - Hippocrates.


I believe this statement. Do you? For instance, are we missing out on the full benefits of what a diet can offer due to eating food like products due to genetic modification, being grown in sterilized soil or because the "medicine" has been taken out and sold as supplements?


Notice also the 2nd part of the statement above. Our food should be medicinal, then the need for medicine created in a lab would be greatly diminished or non existent. While the body does the healing and growth work itself it most certainly needs specific things to do so. We do well to give this some thought.


Let's face it, food is an important part of our lives. As babies we are taught that it is a form of comfort through breastfeeding or simply bonding while we are being fed. It is perceived as and intertwined with love and care. We are bred to be emotional eaters. Is it any wonder that we still find comfort in this necessity of life? Yet many feel shame when they eat or desire a certain food.


At the same time, sometimes we don't respect the gravity of consequences around what we feed our body. It is then that we are thus simultaneously ignoring the emotions involved as eaters.


I believe food should be respected as the powerful force in our life that it truly is. Awareness can be cultivated so that we are in tune with what our body is truly needing, whether that be a specific nutrient, an emotional experience or abstinence. Our relationship with food can be cultivated to serve us in a way that is truly nurturing. 


Above all, let's play with our food and enjoy all it has to offer us!